Level I Bridge Course

Level I Bridge Course

The Fast Track to a Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Level I Certification

The Level I Bridge course is the first step toward your Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification. This condensed course allows instructors who are certified through other nationally recognized Pilates organizations the ability to jump right into the Peak Pilates® Comprehensive pathway. The Level I Bridge course provides streamlined programming and flexible learning options that simplify our standard Level I coursework, setting you on the fast track to successfully growing your instructor career!

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Required Prerequisites to Qualify

The Level I Bridge course was created to streamline the certification process for experienced Pilates instructors who meet a certain set of prerequisites that showcase their pre-existing knowledge and experience.

To qualify for the Level I Bridge course you must have the following prerequisites:

  • Level I Reformer Certification (16 hours)
  • Level I Mat Certification (16 hours)
  • Level I Tower (8 hours)
  • Pilates Teaching Experience (100 hours)
  • Alternative Pilates Certification (Accredited in U.S.)

Customize Your Learning Experience

Online with Assessment

  • Online Course Work
  • Online Theoretical Exam
  • Practical Assessment
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Apply with These Three Simple Steps

Follow these steps to successfully submit your Peak Pilates Level I Bridge course application:

1. Download & Fill Out the Application – Click the “Download (PDF)” button below to get the official form. Fill it out as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

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2. Email the Completed Form – Send your completed application to Please double-check all your information before sending.

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3. Submit Your Application Fee – Return to this page and pay the application fee to finalize your submission. The review process will only be initiated when this fee is paid.

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